Announcements 3-20-2012

Announcements for Parents – #Robinmicklems:

2012 Summer Athletic Clinic Pamphlets are available in the main office.

The new POGO Card is here, it includes two sets of cards.  It has 280 Businesses on it.   The golf section has 23 golf courses, and that includes all 5 city courses, and their offer is buy one round get one free.  The cost is $25. They are available in the office.


 Announcements for Students:

Mickle’s Planner Word of the Week: Uniqueness  – What’s really important to you?  Set goals to achieve the things that matter to you, even if they’re different from your friends’goals.

2012 Summer Athletic Clinic Pamphlets are available in the main office.

Congratulations to the following classes for the highest percentage of box tops turned in:
4th place:  Mr. Haney’s class
3rd place:  Mrs. Kiburz’s class
2nd place:  Mrs. Pfoltner’s class
1st place:  Mr. Ballinger’s class
The top 2 classes will celebrate with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
There will be one more collection at the beginning of May so continue to turn them in to your 1st period teachers.
If you were an individual winner and have not picked up your movie money yet please see Mrs. Pfoltner some time this week.

Mickle Math Club will not meet this week.

Detassling Forms are available now in the Counseling Center for 7th grade and up.

Wrestling practice continues this week

Lunar Café Lunch Menu for Today: Breaded Baked Chicken, Salisbury Steak, Roast Pork

Lunar Café Breakfast Menu for Wednesday: Hot Oatmeal Cereal or Cold Cereal

Today is an “A” day and will be an Inside Day during lunch recess time.

Remember to make the most of your efforts here at Mickle, because by working hard, you help make Mickle the MOST.