Tuesday, September 3, 2019 (Y Day)

Mickle Announcements

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 (Y Day)

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*new announcements

**Counselor Corner: Did you know your student has a school counselor at Mickle?

 8th grade: Mrs. Hanseling nhansel@lps.org 

7th grade: Mr. Penner cpenner@lps.org 

6th grade: Mr. Neilly pneilly@lps.org 

School counselors act as advocates for students’ well-being, and as valuable resources for their educational advancement. In addition to partnering with school staff and parents, counselors listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social concerns. You are welcome to contact your student’s counselor by calling Mickle or sending an email. 

IMPORTANT reminder from the Mickle Health Office: All 7th grade students require a tetanus booster vaccine (Tdap) and a 7th grade physical in the State of Nebraska. Please submit the completed physical form including date of Tdap as soon as possible. Students will be excluded from school on October 16, 2019 if forms are not submitted to the Mickle Health Office. There are several community resources available for free/reduced physicals and vaccines. Please contact the Mickle Health Office for questions and/or resource information. Thank you for your help!

8th grade families…

On September 10th at 6 pm, there will be an informational meeting for the 2020 DC trip in the Media Center. This is for current 8th-grade students only. If your student is already registered for the trip, you do not need to attend the meeting. Please contact Ms. Feeken with questions or concerns.

We had such a great time picking producing and giving it out last week, that we wanted to remind students to sign up for Mickle Garden Club after school on Thursday from 3:15-4:15 pm in Mr. Lloyd’s room, 102. Permission slips can be found in the office, with Ms. Hight, Mr. Lloyd, or Mrs. Hammond. If you are interested in Garden Club, don’t forget to sign up for CLC. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Hammond at khammond@lps.org



Homework Club

D & D Club


Arts & Crafts

Mickle Intramurals


Mon- Labor Day- No School

Tues- 3:15-4:20

Wed- 3:15-4:20

Thurs- 3:15-4:20

Fri- 3:15-4:20


Mon- Labor Day- No School

Tues- 3:15-4:20

Wed- 3:15-4:20

Thurs- 3:15-4:20

Fri- 3:15-4:20

Sat-    Games TBD    @ Roper Elementary

7th VB

Mon- Labor Day- No School

Tues- C 3:15-4:20

Wed- AB 3:15-4:20

Thurs- C 3:15-4:20

Fri- AB 3:15-4:20

Sat- Games @ Mickle (A- 8:30a, B- 9:30a, C- 10:30a)

8th VB

Mon- Labor Day- No School

Tues- BC 3:15-4:20

Wed- C 3:15-4:20

Thurs- A 3:15-4:20

Fri- AB 3:15-4:20

Sat- Games @ Mickle (A- 8:30a, B- 9:30a, C- 10:30a)

Signatures of the Middle School Athletics Parent and Student Consent Record (red card) agree to the designated pick up time of 4:30 at Mickle. Students will be supervised at the 7th grade doors/gym doors and will wait there for pick up. Failure to pick up your athlete on time may result in the athlete not being able to participate. 

Any parents of student athletes (XC, Soccer, or Volleyball) interested in providing a spaghetti feed for a team, please contact Ms. Feeken through email (mfeeken@lps.org) or phone (402) 436- 1216. 

Lunar Cafe Menu

Breakfast Menu for Tuesday:

Rolled Egg, Potato & Turkey Sausage Taco

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Super STik

Hard Boiled Egg

Lunar Café Lunch Menu for Tuesday:

Taco Chalupa

Cherry Chicken on Brown Rice

Honey Sriracha Boneless Wings

Bean and Cheese Chalupa

Chef/Meatless Chef Salad