Tuesday, January 5, 2021

*Goal for Semester 2 – Use your water bottles from home.  

Increasingly, students are asking teachers for water cups and then permission to leave the room at a much larger rate than was planned.  Unexpectedly, our budgeted $300 worth of paper cups for the year has been used in just 18 weeks.

All year, we have been OK with students bringing their own clear bottles from home to have water in the classroom.  Let’s greatly reduce the time out of class and costs when a simple solution is in place.

*Time for new or more face coverings??

It is a good time for families to resupply students with new face coverings for semester 2.  There are many reusable options available that can and should be washed regularly.  Please make sure that students come to school each day with a face covering!

*As our 8th Grade students look to High School the district has provided a great resource for families to explore when making important future decisions. This resource provides information on multiple topics.
* Graduation Requirements

* High School Course Guides

* Recommended Electives for Freshman

* Overviews of Each High School

* High School Activities Information

* 9th Grade Counts Presentation

* High School Choice Form

* Advanced Placement Course Information

Go to the LPS website (lps.org) and enter the code (BIBW) in the quick search box. This will take you to the resource guide. The high school open house nights will be virtual this year and their dates are tentative. If the open house nights are able to be held in person this information will be shared later.
Please connect with Mr. Penner in the Counseling Center if you have questions


Jan. 5-8 Full Program Only

Lunar CaMenu
Breakfast Menu for Tuesday:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Super Stick

Lunar Café Lunch Menu for Tuesday:

Breaded Popcorn Chicken

Cheeseburger Patty on a Bun

Chef Salad

Black Bean Salsa Burger