Monday, September 13, 2021

Mickle Announcements
Monday, Sept. 13 (X Day)
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*new announcements

*On Monday, Sept 13, the “Missile Market” will be open at the end of the school day from 2:50pm-3:30pm.  Mickle will be partnering with the Food Bank of Lincoln after school each month for free, on site access to food offerings from the Food Bank.  Any students are welcome to come and pull items as their family representative.  If parents would prefer to represent the family, that is just fine.

To take advantage of the partnership, no sign up is needed and there is no cost to families.  The only documentation that is recorded is “how many people will this offering go to support”.  The Food Bank will provide big bags to put the food in, as well as produce bags for available produce. 

-At 2:50pm, an announcement will be made for a student representative of their family to come and begin the pick up process.  Students will be asked to gather their locker belongings to leave for the day THEN come to the Market.

-Students will be directed to head home after stopping at the Market. 

-Food items will not be allowed back into the building/classroom/locker areas.  CLC or intramural students will have their items stored in a secure location until the end of activities.

-IF an adult would rather represent the family and take home the items, adults will be asked to enter through the main front entrance (Door #1), check in with the entrance adult, then proceed down to the Market in the west gym. 

-After selecting items, adults will be asked to leave through ‘7th grade doors’ which is the closest exit by the gym (Door #7).

PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Does your student have a good fitting face cover to use each day?  At school, we are noticing a growing number of students coming uncovered and asking the office to provide them with a mask.  Please speak with your student about where home provided face covers are located and how to properly wash them.  It is also encouraged that families provide a back up face cover in case something happens to theirs during the day.



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Lunar Cafe Menu
Breakfast Menu for Monday

Confetti Pancakes

Froot Loops Cereal

Super Stick

Lunar Café Lunch Menu for Monday:

Breaded Chicken Nuggets

Chef Salad

Hearty Bean Chili

Cheese Chef Salad