Friday, January 14, 2022

Mickle Announcements
Thursday, Jan. 14 (X Day)
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Each school or school district in Nebraska is required to keep on file the immunization history of enrolled students. If your student HAS received the COVID-19 vaccine, we ask that you please provide us a copy of the vaccination card.
Please email a photo of the card showing the student name to the Mickle Main Office ( A paper copy of the vaccination card can also be brought to school during regular business hours (8a-3:30p). All these records will be managed by our school nurse.
**If your child has not received the COVID-19 vaccine, there is nothing you need to do.

8th Grade Registration for High School & Informational Meetings

In late February, high school counselors will be at Mickle Middle School to help select courses with your student at their respective high school. An overview of those steps is available from the Mickle website, or by CLICKING below.

***An important component in the transition process are the January informational meetings at the seven LPS high schools or focus programs.  Those meetings have been scheduled for the evenings below:

Southeast Tues., January 18

North Star Wed., January 19

Lincoln High Thurs., January 20

Boy’s Basketball


A/B -Team


Full Program Only

Lunar Cafe Menu
Breakfast Menu for Friday:

Mini Cinnis

Cocoa Puffs Cereal

Apple Cinnamon Nutrigrain Bar

Lunar Café Lunch Menu for Wednesday:

Popcorn Chicken

Beef & Bean Burrito

Chik’n Patty on a Bun

Chef Salad