Chromebook Expectations/Troubleshooting

Mickle Chromebooks

Building Wide Procedures & Expectations

Student Movement with Chromebooks

  1. Chromebooks should remain in their carrying case in all areas of the building outside of classrooms. This includes before and after school, passing times and at breakfast/lunch times.
  2. Chromebooks should not be taken into restrooms or locker rooms. If a student needs to use the restroom during a passing time, they should drop off their materials at their next class and check in prior to using the restroom. Teachers will need to be flexible in regards to passing time due to this added movement between classes.
  3. If a student needs to see the nurse, they may either take the device in its case or leave it with the teacher and return to pick it up when appropriate.
  4. Students will be allowed to take their devices home over breaks, with the exception of summer break.

Chromebooks in the Instructional Setting

  1. Students should never share their computer login & password.
  2. Chromebooks should be taken to all Academic Connection classes on a daily basis unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. PE instructors will have safe storage locations when not needed.
  3. When not a part of direct instruction, the Chromebook should remained closed or in its carrying case.
  4. When in use, devices should always be on a flat surface (not on laps).
  5. If a student needs to move within the classroom, the device should be closed and held with two hands during the transition. (do not pick up the device with one hand or by the screen)

Building Roles

  1. Registrar (Barb Bogus)
    a. Parent/Student Signature & Insurance Forms
    b. New Student device Check­Out/orientation & Family communication
  2. Media Specialist (Meredith Fickes) or Media Secretary (Shelly Loos)
    a. Replacement device checkout
    b. Help tickets
    c. Device collection when student transfers out of Mickle
  3. Technology Liaison (Teresa Searls)
    a. Support with staff training of new technology/apps
    b. District Technology Liaison
    c. Facilitate Building Technology Committee meetings
  4. Instructional Coach (Cara Walz)
    a. Instructional and classroom strategies, projects, co-­teaching
  5. Administrative Secretarial Staff
    a. Damage/Loss/Theft process (DeAnna Pillen)
  6. Building Technology Committee (Reps from all building teams, meets monthly or as needed)
    a. Monitor implementation and use of Chromebooks
    b. Review procedures and recommend changes as necessary
    c. Review the instructional relevance of educational websites.
    d. Communicate with District Office.


    Building Wide Troubleshooting

    Device is not charged
    1. All classrooms will have ‘chrometops’ available for students to borrow during class periods.
    2. Students can plug in their device in the classroom to charge and borrow a loaner device from the classroom teacher for the class period only.
    3. At the end of the period, the student will return the loaner computer to the classroom teacher and retrieve their own Chromebook.
    4. If the student device is not fully charged at the end of the period, the student will retrieve their Chromebook and follow the same procedure in their next class.

    Device is not working properly
    1. The student will take their Chromebook to the Library and fill out their own ‘Help Ticket’.
    If advised by LPS Computing Services, a replacement device will be checked out to them to use for the remainder of the day.
    2. If advised by LPS Computing Services, a student will keep the loaner device until their own device has been returned to them.

    Student Mobility
    1. Registrar at old building should notify registrar at new building about the incoming student and assigned Chromebook number
    2. Registrar at the new building should change the Chromebook assignment from the old building to the new building using the Library Destiny System1.
    3. (If staying in LPS) Student should take their Chromebook with them to their new building
    4. If a new non-­LPS student arrives at Mickle, the Registrar works with families when they register the student to explain and sign appropriate user agreements.
    5. When the student arrives for his/her first day, Registrar will have all materials ready for the student. The grade level counselor will help the student log into the device to complete the initial setup menu and take the student to his/her first class.
    6. Teachers will get new student enrolled in necessary Google Classrooms.

    1. If a device has been damaged, the student goes to the Library and fill out their own ‘Help Ticket’. The Associate Principal will be notified by Library staff. The Executive Secretary and AP coordinates with Computing Services and technicians to resolve.
    2. If the device has been lost or stolen, the student goes to the Library and fill out their own ‘Help Ticket’. The Associate Principal will be notified by Library staff. The AP will investigate and decide on the next course of action.