Mickle Middle School
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General Information and Help

Projectors & Monitors

At Mickle some classrooms have a ceiling mounted projector and some have a mounted monitor. Showing a video will always work best when plugged in an HDMI port using a laptop. You may have to check out a laptop and cord from the media center if showing a video. The media specialist or her secretary should be able to help you get set up

If you are not seeing your computer screen on the projector or monitor, find the INPUT (monitor) or Source Search (projector) button on the remote and press it. Wait to see if it switches to a computer screen. If not, press it again.

Projector Tip: A/V Mute

Press this button to blackout the screen without turning the projector completely off. This allows you to have it off for a small period of time and then turn it back on almost instantly without going through the startup process.

Power the projector off when you will not be using it for a class period or longer.

Audio Enhancement System (Microphones)

Every classroom is equipped with an audio enhancement system. The teacher “teardrop” mic is on a lanyard. Wear it when instructing the students.

Turning On / Off / Mute

  • ON: Press and hold the PWR button for 2 seconds
  • OFF: Press and hold PWR for 3 seconds
  • MUTE: Tap the PWR button
    (blue lights on the teardrop will flash)


There should be a “Chrometop” device available and intended for substitute teacher use in almost every classroom. A Chrometop is a computer that runs ChromeOS, like a Chromebook does.

Signing In

  • You may need to click “Add User” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your Google sign-in, which is: lpsID@class.lps.org
  • Click Next
  • LPS Sign-in:
    • lpsID (no class.lps.org)
    • LPS Password
  • Click Login
  • Click Next

Signing Out & Removing Profile

  • Click on the status bar in the lower right corner, a menu will pop up.
  • At the top right of that menu is a “Sign Out” button – click that. The screen will go black, and a picture card will show up.
  • Hover your mouse over the picture until a down arrow shows up at the upper right of the picture. Click the down arrow.
  • Your name and email will pop up, click on “Remove this Person.”
  • Click the red “Remove this User” button. A white screen to sign in shows up. You’re done signing out.
  • Click the “Shut down” button at the lower left corner.

The Portal

To make it easier to get logged in to web services, district students and staff are asked to use a site called The Portal.

The Portal should be the first web page you sign into each day. One signed in, you will have quicker and easier access to all other LPS tools.

The Web Filter

Sometimes a teacher may need you to access content (for projecting to students) that students do not have access to.

In these situations, you will need to “authenticate” as a staff member in order to view it.

Appropriate Use

It is not appropriate, and would be a direct violation of LPS Regulations, for teachers or other employees to either log in to the filter and allow students to gain access to content that would otherwise be restricted, or give students your user name and password for this purpose.

How to Authenticate

When you view content that is restricted, you are presented with the LPS web filter’s “Block Screen”.
Click on the [Login] button found above the Acceptable Use policy.

You will be taken to a “ContentKeeper Authentication” window where you can enter your LPS Username and Password.