Welcome to Mickle Middle School

All families will be asked to verify that they have an active ParentVue account for their LPS student.
A few helpful screen shots are available by clicking here.
Please call the Mickle school office at 402.436.1216 if you need help activating.

MAP Testing at Mickle

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Mickle students in grades 6-8 will be participating in the MAP Fluency and Growth Reading and Math tests from September 4-6 (Reading) and September 11-13 (Math). These tests are part of assessments required by the Nebraska Department of Education to measure student readiness to learn and growth in reading and math prior to the state assessments. Teachers and administrators will work together to use the results to help plan instruction for students.

MAP Fluency and Growth are online, adaptive tests. The difficulty adjusts to meet each student’s achievement level. If your student answers a question correctly, the next question is more difficult. If he/she answers incorrectly, the next question is easier. For this reason, it is not possible for students to go back and change previous answers. Students will be allowed sufficient time for each test. Because it is important to balance time spent testing with instructional time, students who take more than two hours on MAP Growth may not complete that test or receive a score. Students will also take a Winter MAP Growth test and the Nebraska State Assessment (NSCAS) in late March/early April.

There are several things parents can do to positively contribute to their child’s success.  Encourage your child to put forth their best effort with positive statements expressing confidence in their abilities and their efforts. A good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast will go a long way to help your child best show what they know and are able to do on the test. Finally, being in school during testing is very important. Please reschedule any appointments that may take your child out of school on the testing dates listed above.  As always, we appreciate your support!

Lastly, the MAP tests are taken on student Chromebooks. Please make sure your child’s Chromebook is fully charged each day for testing. Tests results will be delivered via mail in early to mid-October. Please call me at: (402) 436-1216 or email at: jbrunot@lps.org if you have any questions about the MAP testing. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions specific to your child’s classroom testing schedule or other test administration questions.

Jason Brunott, Testing Coordinator

Principal Gene Thompson

Information that we hope will help prepare your family for the beginning of the school year.

What do you hope to accomplish for the upcoming year?

As part of the Continuous School Improvement process, we have identified a building wide academic goal that we believe can have a positive impact on student learning across all curricular areas.

Our academic focus is to improve student engagement by increasing student opportunities to respond.  By increasing student participation and focus on the learning objectives, we hope to see an increase in student’s ability to demonstrate their understanding of the content.  The result should be an increase in student achievement across curricular areas.

We will also continue to place an emphasis on building a positive culture and learning environment for students and staff.  Creating a safe and accepting environment along with developing high academic expectations and personal and social development with help students be successful.  Through hard work, collaboration and individual support we believe our students will make a successful transition to high school, college and careers.

Belief Statements

  • We believe that all students are capable of learning.
  • We believe that high expectations lead to higher achievements.
  • We believe that students should be celebrated for their efforts and achievements.
  • We believe that positive, caring relationships are essential for learning & personal growth.
  • We welcome and value the input & active participation of our community.
  • We are accepting of and learn from our differences.
  • We offer opportunities that empower students to lead & contribute to our positive learning community.

Enjoy your summer.
Gene Thompson – Principal

Arriving to School Safely

Having students arrive to school in the safest possible manner is our goal at the start of each school day. Flexibility is needed to meet this goal, especially in winter weather when students are all bundled up on slippery surfaces. It is very important that drop-off traffic follow the traffic pattern. The plan also ensures that students are exiting vehicles on the sidewalk side of school. Even one car going the wrong way can halt traffic for everyone.
Even though the traffic pattern might not be the fastest (click below for bigger graphic), it is significantly safer for the children to have traffic drop offs spread out around campus. The necessity of going one way on the side streets around Mickle is to maintain traffic flow around parked cars or during poor winter weather.

Parents may request and the District will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of their student’s teachers and paraprofessionals.